A couple of weeks back, we talked about the importance of having a dream, keeping it alive, and doing the hard work necessary to make it a reality. So, how many years do you have pursuing your dream? Maybe you are just starting out, or maybe, you have been working at it for quite some time. Regardless, novice or pro, your attitude plays a big part in who you are, who you will become, and who will be attracted to you, whether they are fans, musicians, industry professionals, or investors looking to make a buck off your talent.

Answer the question, who are the people that are around you? Are they helping you to move your career forward, or are they a roadblock to your success? Are you inspiring them to get behind you and back you with all they’ve got, working together to succeed? It works both ways. Each person (whether a co-songwriter, musician, manager, or roadie) is dependent on the other if success is to be achieved; however, each person is also capable of poisoning the relationships by allowing ego, selfishness, or a bad attitude to permeate the group bond.

Let’s start by looking at attitude, your attitude. What is your attitude? About anything, whether it is family, school, friends, musicians, songwriters, or about life in general. Do you look at the glass as half full or half empty? How do you deal with setbacks when they come? Does your attitude change when you are around different people (e.g., family, friends, co-workers, music contacts)? How do you handle stress? What type of mind messages do you whisper silently to yourself throughout the course of a day?

The truth be told, we all have bouts of being positive or harboring negative feelings, some of us more so than others are. There are days when we build a person’s esteem and other days when we tear someone down. We’re not perfect. It happens. But overall, taking into account those anomalies, what are you really like? How do you handle the challenges that come your way each day? True, we all have a personality which in one way or another makes us who we are, but how well we control it, or how we let it control us, is a decision that we can make. We have a choice.

For example, some of us did not have the perfect childhood. Maybe it was a negative mother or a controlling father who had an influence over us. Possibly, because of your upbringing you have had to work hard at not being like them. While talking with a brother or sister, did they ever say to you, “Oh, you sound just like dad”? or, “You’re acting just like mom”? That has happened to me more than once. The point being, we all have to deal with influences that dampen our spirits and some of us have to work extra hard at not letting it control us. If we do not take control of our own personal attitudes, it will wreak havoc on our relationships and music careers.

So what can we do about it? How can we turn our attitudes into a force that attracts those who will inspire, motivate, and help us see what we are capable of, as a person and as an artist? Take a survey of your inner thoughts as you go about your day. How do these internal voices make you act with others? Do you even recognize they are there, the voices that is? If so, then that’s a good start to developing your self-awareness and making good choices. So get to it, and channel your mind, body, and spirit into a positive force that will help you build stronger personal relationships and a stronger music career.